Sophie-Marie & Louisa-Maria

Having a sister is something very special, wether it is a happy or a difficult relationship it is a very unique bond and sometimes that is easy to
forget. In the summer of 2018, I spent some time with the sisters in Corsica, France. Watching Sophie Marie, 13, and Louisa-Maria, 11 interact with each other, playing, teasing, taking care of one another reminded me of my own sister our relationship and our summers by the sea. Through photographing the two sister I wanted to revisit these past memories and explore the beauty and unspoken bonds of sisterhood.

Louisa, 11: There isn’t a real definition of sisterhood, except the one from a dictionary. My sister isn’t just someone I’m related to because of our parents, she is also the one that makes me smile when I am feeling sad. She supports me when nobody is there.

Sophie, 13: Big things don’t matter, little things do. Helping me carry cupcakes to school, opening the door for me or helping me up after I fall skiing - these are only a few of the little things.

Louisa: It doesn’t come from knowing everything about your sister that you have a good relationship, it also comes from spending time with each other and trying your best not to disappoint one another.

A good sister will promise you to not tell anyone your secrets. But, as soon as she has the chance, she will run off and tell her parents about it. That is what I do. Not to be mean but out of love, to protect her as much as I can.