In Relation To
in Collobration with Zoe Bullock

A series exploring portrait making through our relation to others and the way we build space.
The conversation surrounds our mothers which expands to the impact of our identity.
Being born ties us to the world. What would a portrait look like if we recognized within it’s making a relationship itself, between the viewer and the subject? In addressing motherhood in this way, we aim to get another perspective on identity for women and femmes, to reveal the power hidden in an identity whose responsibility lies in relation to others. The roles we either have access to or are denied, what our first experiences are in what a “woman” is supposed to be, what our mothers left behind, in what ways we dissolve and carrythat definiton of woman.
Choosing a Color we connect with of our mother.

Katharina Tannenbaum

Zoe Bullock
Off White